Fly Fishing Seminars& Fly tying Demonstrations



If your company or sporting organization would like to know the fundamentals of fly fishing then a seminar can be formulated.
This fly fishing seminar will cover fly fishing for beginners, detailing the following subjects-

Equipment. Setup. Casting. Fly Selection. Streamcraft. Lake Craft. Nymphing .Techniques. Dry Fly Techniques . Entomology and More.

Additionally other seminars can included-

Locations Tactics- River Fishing Tactics- Lake Fishing Tactics and lots more.

Fly Tying Demonstrations

If your company, club or sporting organization would like me to provided a fly tying demonstration, then this can be easily formulated.

This demonstration can be arranged to benefit beginners and advanced anglers or just to entertain.
These demonstrations cover freshwater trout flies in both dry and wet fly format.

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