Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process involved in Purchasing an image?

Please go to the prices page and click on Purchasing Process.


Does the image you see on your web page come out the same in the finished print?

The finished print comes out better than what you see on the web site, because images are printed at 200 to 400 d.p.i in the Lambda print process. You'll be amazed at the Quality of these prints.


How long does it take to receive your print?

When I receive your order from within Australia it will take around 3 to 4 days to receive your print.

Overseas orders will take 5 t0 6 days depending upon destination.


Can I pay by other means or by Cheque?

We accept money order, cheque and direct deposit.

Cheque purchases will only begin when the cheque clears. This will also add an extra 5 days to the delivery time.


Will my purchased print be safe in the mail delivery?

Yes all prints are sent via flat top box


What if I'm not happy with my purchased print?

Upon return of print, a full refund will be sent to the purchaser.


To save myself time, can I have my print framed by you?

While most people like to buy their own frame this can be completed, depending upon the size of the print. I can frame it with a standard frame, but there will be the added cost of the frame and mail.