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Welcome to my web site In Natures Realm-A Fly Fisherman's Memory.

This web site was created to highlight the beauty of nature and to convey its many forms.

For me nature is seen through the quite sport of Fly-fishing, and the creative arts of photography and writing.

Walking along a stream or lake with rod in hand will evoke many experiences of untold wonder as trout can be found feeding on natures insects.

When we enter this domain we try to catch the trout with a bit of guile and cunning and create insect imitations to fool the trout with success coming in its greatest form when we study nature that surrounds the trout.

However fly-fishing is much more than that, its about enjoying the way you fish, where you fish, and who you fish with.

Then with a camera in hand we can encapsulate our fishing moments forever in the form of a picture, and if we feel the need we can express it further in the form of the written word for future generations to enjoy.

So come with me into Natures Realm, a realm you'll never want to leave.

Bruce Smith.